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The TRUTH About What to Expect When Operating in Purpose

There are some things you should be prepared for when walking in your purpose. As a purpose coach, I feel like I need to let you know the real and prepare you.

I’ve teamed up with Dr. Jasmine Wise of Prosper Projects for this episode, to provide you with a double dose of examples and information.

Dr. Jasmine is the founder of Prosper Projects, a project management company that specializes in empowering dreamers to get things done.

Dr. Jas has joined me in this episode, because I wanted to make sure that we gave you the real on what it is like to step out on faith and do what God tells you as it pertains specifically to your purpose. 

Lack of Clarity in Purpose

There will be some moments where things are not crystal clear. The faster you can grasp this, the less stress you will experience in trying to get things exactly right.

Noah is a great example of this. God told Noah to build an ark but there are aspects that Noah just is not clear on, like “what is rain?”

He had never seen rain before since vegetation during those times were watered from the ground, so Noah couldn’t even conceptualize what was going on.

Sometimes God will give you the big picture and you have to work your way through the details trusting that He will guide and redirect you when you are off track.

Other times, God may give you one detail at a time. For Dr. Jas, God told her to quit her job. After months, He told her to enlarge her tent, but she had no idea what she is preparing for.  

Tip: Journaling helps a lot with this. Write down things you feel God is revealing to you about your purpose.

The Impact of Purpose

When you operate in your purpose, expect for lives to be impacted. People’s lives have been changed in the short time that I have been operating in my purpose.

The largest impact Dr. Jas saw was in her pursuit of her purpose. Her closest friends have expressed that they admire her perseverance.

My friends are seeing me walk in my purpose and it’s motivated her to pursue her purpose with fervor.

She says even though she messes up the constant pursuit of doing what God has told her to do, keeps her going. And that’s one of the biggest impacts the people around her, as she pursues relentlessly.

Also, she received lots of praises on how her podcast has impacted others lives. 

Provision for Purpose

In the beginning of January, God told Dr. Jas to quit her job, but He also promised that her account would never go in the negative and it hasn’t.

For me, God’s provision was showing me the teacher, like that statement that says, when the student is ready, the teacher appears? Well, in this instance, the teacher appeared.

The teachers have been people who have taught me how to improve operations within a business as an entrepreneur, or to create a workflow with podcasting by creating content, reaching out to podcast guest, following up with the guest so that they can have the material to promote the show on their platforms.

All of these things cost me money, but God provided the resources in the form of the teachers. 

Challenges of Purpose

One thing you can assure expect on this journey are challenges. I mean, these can come in the form of resistance from people and opposition.

I want to be clear and say that there is a force who is completely honed in on preventing you from executing your God given purpose.

So don’t ever think that this is going to be cakewalk, because there literally is an enemy of progress, who’s zeroed in on stopping you!

When faced with challenges, Dr. Jas doesn’t want to get out of bed but she knows that challenges are just strikes from the enemy.

That’s why she remind herself of the God she serves. 

God provides for what he orders and assigns, period. If you’re at the stage where you’re trying to figure out your purpose, I created a free guide to assist you. You can download it the guide by clicking here

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