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Purpose Case Study: Lessons From the Viral Testimony of Apostle James Kawalya

Apostle James Kawalya has a testimony that has been going viral recently, and rightfully so. Here’s what we can learn from it about purpose…

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Apostle James Kawalya's Story

Apostle James Kawalya is a man of God from Uganda. His mother entered into an agreement with the highest ranking witch on the continent of Africa so that she could conceive a son. She had 6 daughters and needed an heir for her husband so she was desperate. In exchange for conceiving a son, that son was married to that witch on the day he was born.

He ends up being a high level witch and warlock and he was eventually initiated into the occult and became a devil worshiper in the 90s. Fast forward, he has a radical encounter with Jesus, gets saved, and gets delivered from all of the demons inside of him. This video is his story from birth to his deliverance and after. Apostle James Kawalya held nothing back.


1. Evangelism is how souls are won

At some point while still a teenager and before getting saved, Apostle James Kawalya was initiated into the occult. So he basically graduated from witchcraft where the idea is to engage spirits, which are demons, and make sacrifices to them in exchange for the demons doing something for them. James graduated from dealing with spirits in witchcraft to operating in the occult where they worship the devil, as a figure.

One of James’ first assignments was to identify 5000 young people and initiate them into the occult. Not just any young person though. His job was to identify bright students in college who were studying medicine, law, and education and recruit them into satanism so that by the time they finish college, they are fully initiated and already working for the kingdom of darkness.

The devil was after doctors, surgeons, lawyers, and teachers...

…and he sent a teenager to college to initiate them before they made it into these professions. James would introduce them by throwing parties, inviting secular artists to perform at the university, promoting sex and orgies, and paying for some people’s tuition when they were in a pinch. At some point he would escalate things and make the person he was recruiting aware of the source of whatever James had been giving them. He would tell them it came from satan and recruit them. He had a very well thought out plan.

That is how intentional the enemy is. Meanwhile, us Christians be over here scared to tell people about Jesus, which is the best thing that could EVER happen to them.

2. The people around you can make or break your effectiveness in your purpose

During the interview Apostle James Kawalya mentioned a powerful man of God that was doing major damage to the kingdom of darkness. His name is John Mulinde. John Mulinde and his team went into a year of praying and fasting and the result of it was that every single evil altar in Uganda was destroyed. Let me slow down for a minute and explain the importance of altars.

Altars aren’t something that’s taught in most churches so I don’t want to take for granted that we all know what they are. An altar is a gateway between the physical and spiritual realm. It’s a place where people go to engage and interact with spiritual forces. The reason people do this is because they want something from the spirit they are engaging with.

As followers of Christ, under the new covenant we don’t really have physical altars in our personal lives. We have altars in our heart where we offer up sacrifices of praise and worship and thanksgiving to God. The purpose of us offering sacrifices like praise and worship is to engage with God. We do this for different reasons. We do it because we want a relationship with God, we want Him to intervene on our behalf in a matter. Or just to thank Him for what He’s done or is about to do. You know, things like that.

People who operate in the kingdom of darkness have altars as well.

They are usually physical altars and they offer sacrifices and perform rituals at these altars to summon evil spirits. They summon these evil spirits, which are demons, for many different reasons, but there is always a reason. The strength of the person servicing that altar is based on the demon that responds and that is based on the significance of the sacrifice. People sacrifice food, liquor, they’ll do blood sacrifices with animals and move their way up to sacrificing people.

If an altar is destroyed, then the person servicing that altar cannot summon and communicate with the evil spirit, which is the source of their power. Now that you have a better understanding of altars, you now know the significance of John Mulinde destroying all of the evil altars in Uganda—which by the way is a country with over 40 million people.

John Mulinde was able to completely destroy those altars without ever touching them or having anyone touch them. He did it with his words, through prayer. People in the occult in Uganda were told to leave and cease all of their operations. Here’s how:

Apostle James Kawalya
Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

The secret to his authority and power

Their prayers for and with him had built a wall of protection around him. Because of their prayers for him, he was able to ascend in the spirit as an authority. James recalled John Mulinde being able to speak one word and it would echo in the spirit realm for days. That’s how powerful John was back then.

So James and other members of the occult started doing research to identify why John Mulinde was so powerful. What they discovered was that his team had prayed so much around him that in the spirit, he picks up whatever is in them and he amplifies it. This is how powerful agreement is.

This brings Matthew 18:19 to life.

Apostle James Kawalya

John Mulinde’s entire team around him was so much in agreement that when it was time for John Mulinde to minister and he would speak, it was like all of them were speaking at once in one voice. Because of that, John Mulinde could say one word and it would be like a force over the entire spiritual realm in that region. The weight of his authority was like a principality in the spirit world. That is a huge deal.

The kingdom of darkness needed to break the wall of protection around John Mulinde. They couldn’t attack him directly because they would likely die or be converted, so their goal was to break down the wall of protection around him. So you already know what that means, right. Because the strength of his protection was the prayers of his team, the kingdom of darkness had to get to the team.

Without giving too much away...

…Apostle James Kawalya and those he worked with were able to sow seeds of offense and competition, and eventually they started to abandon their position of guarding the man of God.

The effect was that John Mulinde’s words and teachings didn’t carry as much weight. Hear me…the man had not sinned. The devil hadn’t even attacked him directly. Yet, because there was a breach in the wall around him, his words didn’t carry as much weight anymore. After a couple of years, the influence of John Mulinde’s voice over the nation of Uganda declined and James was able to return to the country and operate on behalf of the occult.

“Many people today have not fulfilled their destiny, not because they sinned, but because the men and the women that God assigned around them left their place.”

He isn’t just talking about a physical position here. He’s referring to their position in the realm of the spirit. An important lesson here is that the people around you matter so much more than we know.

This is why everyone can’t be connected to me or this ministry. I have a very small team of people to help me with The Purpose Collective.

3. God just needs us to show up to the fight

Apostle James Kawalya
Photo by Specna Arms on Unsplash

The next thing we can all learn from Apostle James Kawalya’s testimony that I think is helpful for those of us pursuing God’s purpose and plan for our lives is that sometimes, God just needs us to show up. That’s it. Just show up.

At the height of James’ reign in the occult, he was on his way to be rewarded after a major victory for the kingdom of darkness. As he was getting ready to leave his college campus to catch a flight, he walked past this young woman by the name of Mia. Mia was 19 years old and she knew exactly who James was. Everyone on that campus knew he was a devil worshiper because James didn’t hide it. Even the professors called him master.

It costs something.

Mia had been in a season of preparation by the Lord, and on this day she was supposed to try to minister to James. She was a little scared so she decided to go in the morning when she suspected he wouldn’t be around. Little did she know that James had an early flight that day so she ran right into him. She called his name to get his attention and he was annoyed by this because everyone calls him master. She does this three times and on the third time he gets so angry that he wants to curse her so that she goes mad. But when he turns around, he ends up seeing Jesus and the rest is history. Mia just needed to show up and Jesus did the work. 

We see this in scripture too...

Remember Gideon and the Midianites? Gideon had about 300 troops when it was time for him to fight the Midianites, who had an army of over 100,000 men. When it was time to fight, Gideon and his army blew their trumpets and the Midianites turned on each other. God caused the Midianites to be so confused that they killed each other. Gideon and his men didn’t have to do anything.

Sometimes, that’s all God needs from us. He just needs us to be willing vessels who show up. He will do the work. I remember I had no idea how I was going to have content for the podcast in order to release an episode every week. That’s 52 episodes. I didn’t even know what to talk about for real. But…I showed up, and so did God. Jesus in us is greater than thousands against us.

4. Revelation is imperative

The fourth thing we can all learn from Apostle James Kawalya’s testimony is that revelation is imperative, for purpose and for life in general. I’m referring to divine revelation when I say revelation. This type of revelation is a disclosure of truth concerning things unknown. It’s when things or persons, which up to this point had been withdrawn from view and hidden, are now made visible.

There are numerous mysteries and secrets in God’s kingdom. I mean how else did satan not know that killing Jesus was going to have the effect that it did. If satan knew that killing Jesus was going to provide redemption, healing, deliverance, power, and salvation to ALL who believe, he would have NEVER killed him. But Jesus knew.

This is why Jesus used to teach in parables. When the twelve disciples asked Jesus why he was speaking to the people in parables, his response was, The secrets and mysteries of the kingdom of God have been given to you. They are for you to know, not them [Matthew 13:11]. The Greek word for mystery is mysterion which means hidden things, secrets, confided only to the initiated and not to ordinary mortals; the secret counsels which govern God in dealing with the righteous, which are hidden from ungodly and wicked men but plain to the godly.

We need God to reveal to us the hidden things about his kingdom because...

…the kingdom of heaven is at hand. If you watch Apostle James Kawalya’s testimony, then you’ll see where he mentions that there was a time when 1000 of the top sorcerers and leaders in the occult from all around the world had met in Sicily. The who’s who in the world were there. They were frightened because of what was going on with a small group of Christians in Uganda.

Why? Because a group of 20 illiterate women and 1 man in a country of over 40 million people had tapped into an ancient form of prayer. It was a kind of prayer that the church and Christians have never known because it had been hidden for generations. This small group uncovered it and began practicing it, and it made them a threat to all of these major powers and systems in the world. Understand that people in that room could look at someone and blind them. They don’t get afraid, ok? They walk around with this air about them because they haven’t run into anyone who had and knew their authority in Christ. But Apostle James Kawalya said they were spooked by this small group of Christians.

They were afraid...

According to Apostle James Kawalya, they were afraid because this type of prayer the group was practicing resulted in 7000 backslidden people all over the world waking up, repenting, and getting back on the right track. The group had no idea any of this was happening. Not only that, but the occult was drastically losing power every day this group continued practicing that form of prayer.

This is why it is so necessary for us to be tapped in to God and receive revelation from Him about how to move—how to move regarding our purpose and how to move in life in general. Yeah, the world says you need to do xyz in order to succeed in the space God called you to, but God created the world and the people in it, so what does He have to say about succeeding in that space? Because He has access to secret, hidden things that will cause you to be much more effective than you could ever imagine. We need to know about these hidden things. The key to a lot of advantageous things are received through revelation.

5. Purpose doesn’t equal popularity

The person who James encountered that led to him being delivered was a 19 year old girl. She was virtually unknown until recently. Yet, she ministered Jesus to one of the most powerful sorcerers and devil worshippers on the continent of Africa. Going after Apostle James Kawalya was risky at that time, but she did. She didn’t stop there. She went back and got twenty-nine more people just like him. And after they were delivered, she discipled them. 23 of them became ministers and are still preaching Jesus Christ crucified to people. Yet, not many people knew her! She was relatively obscure.

And when her purpose was complete around 4 years later, she simply prayed and asked God to go home to heaven. God had already told her to prepare herself. She fell asleep that night after prayers and transitioned on up outta here to be with the Lord.

This is where a lot of people get purpose mixed up. Purpose does not always lead to popularity or to people knowing who you are, what you’ve done, or what you can do. It also doesn’t always lead to you profiting financially from it. Will you serve God when no one knows anything about you? Will you pursue your purpose if it won’t make you any money? This woman sacrificed hours in prayer. She would pray for twelve hours some days in order to build up her spirit man. What kind of time are you willing to sacrifice for your purpose?

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    This was such a brilliant true analysis of Pastor James testimony. Thank you for doing this. I came across your post because I was looking for his 2016 testimony . I was hoping that I would find an audio version of it. In his testimony he mentions that the first testimony he shared in 2016 albeit in lesser detail than the one he shared in the video.

    Do you by any chance know if the 2016 audio testimony exist online?

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  2. An act of God, the exposure is very important to me, the works of the enemy have been exposed, I now know how,what to fight,,thank you very much ❣️

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