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Exposing Deception Pt. 4: Crystals and Sage

Crystals and sage are on trend right now. Let’s recap before we dive into why.

This is the fourth episode in the Exposing Deception Series and we are more than halfway through the series. 

We have covered a lot so far. The first episode of the series went over the seed of deception and its fruit. I also covered what makes someone vulnerable to deception and how to guard against it. In episode two, we explored the supernatural power of music which was very eye-opening. Episode three exposed the deception behind zodiac signs, horoscopes, and angel numbers. If you’ve missed any, make sure you go back and listen. They have some good stuff in them.

In this episode, I am exposing the deception in using crystals and sage. 

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crystals and sage


Crystals are the outer form of a mineral’s inner order. Nearly every piece of rock on Earth is made of minerals. Because of their different categories and mineral compositions, we get crystals of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Most people buy them in stores now but they are originally found in nature. 

I really don’t know when this new wave of using crystals started. One day I just started noticing them almost everywhere—around people’s necks, on bracelets, and in other places. The trend seems to be based on two things: 1) the appeal of wearing them as jewelry and, 2) people’s use and belief in their power.

The Popularity of Crystals

Now, lots of people and lots of celebrities mention they use crystals. Beyonce says she charges her crystals under the full moon. Megan Fox had a crystal on her forehead that she said she was using to cleanse the remaining demons out of her brain. We know better. The singer Adele talked about how she used crystals to get over stage fright.

Many more famous people like Nia Long, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kylie Jenner, Robin Thicke, Victoria and David Beckham, have all talked about their use and obsession with crystals. Naomi Campbell once said that we should see how many crystals she travels with, which alludes to it likely being a lot.

Kim Kardashian even modeled her fragrance after what says are “healing crystals.” She said that “healing crystals” helped her after the robbery in Paris. Her friends would bring her lots of them. She didn’t know anything about crystals, but she eventually did research. She was quoted saying, “I started to really get into the meaning and the whole spirit and energy behind it. And so I thought, ‘Well, this would look like a beautiful perfume bottle.’”

The Belief In Crystals

While the use of crystals is on trend now in the New Age movement, the practice of using crystals and the belief in their ability to provide one thing or another is not new. Crystals have been used since ancient times in places like Egypt, Greece, and in countries in East Asia

Some people use crystals as a source of energy, health, wealth, love, peace, protection from evil, strength, creativity, and healing. They believe that different crystals have power in them to bring these things into their lives.

Some who believe that crystals have healing power will place them on their bodies to line up with or stimulate the body’s chakras and promote healing. Once a crystal has absorbed too much bad energy it needs to be cleansed, re-calibrated, or reset.

Even with all of this, there is no scientific evidence to support any of this. In fact, a 2009 review suggests that the perceived benefits of crystal healing may result from a placebo effect. Still, many people swear by the benefits of crystals. Which leads to the thought of, well if there is no scientific evidence to support what people believe they experience with crystals, then chances are very likely that what they are experiencing is spiritual.

tools for studying the bible
What the Bible Says About Crystals

Christians fall on a couple sides of the discussion about crystals. Some Christians say crystal use is wrong because it’s idolatry or an occult practice. Other Christians believe crystals are OK since they’re created by God. They believe that as long as you’re channeling God’s energy through them, you’re not sinning. Then there are non-Christians like witches who use crystals as a tool in their practice.

This is why we go straight to the word of God on the matter. Because the Bible is the authoritative word of God. It is our first and final authority.

The Bible mentions crystals in the old and new testament. They can be found early in the bible in the book of Exodus. They are mentioned in Isaiah, and they also come up in the book of Revelation. Some of the crystals specifically mentioned are jasper, chrysolite, beryl, rubies, topaz, onyx, emerald, sapphire, and turquoise.

The Bible doesn’t attribute any benefit to crystals outside of their beauty. They are used for decoration and as reference points in the Bible, but never does the Bible speak of crystals being used as a source of something. They aren’t used to attract wealth, to protect against evil spirits, to welcome peace, or God, none of that.


Sage is actually herb and standing alone there isn’t anything special about it. People use sage for seasoning foods and some use it for medicinal purposes.  There is nothing inherently problematic with sage.


The issue with sage for the follower of Christ is when sage is used in a practice called smudging. Smudging is an appropriation of an ancient, traditional Native American practice that involves the burning of sacred herbs for spiritual cleansing or blessing. Specifically, the practice is to purify or “bless” a home to get rid of negative energy and restore positive, healing energy.

The other qualities believed to be associated with sage when burned are giving wisdom, clarity, and increasing spiritual awareness.

This is another practice that is on trend right now. So much so, smudging “kits” are being sold commercially by big companies like Anthropologie, Sephora, World Market, and Walmart.

What the Bible Says

The practice of smudging or burning sage is not in the Bible. The closest thing to it is in Exodus 30 when God told Moses to prepare a blend of herbs and spices to burn as an incense offering. Although burning sage to purify, cleanse, or as a source of spiritual awareness isn’t in the Bible, the Bible does speak about what to do when evil spirits need to be expelled, and that is to command them to come out in the name of Jesus.

In Mark 16:17, Jesus says, “In my name they will cast out demons.” He never says anything about burning sage and he doesn’t tell us to use any herbs when doing deliverance. Instead, we’re told to command them to come out using his name. Period.

Spiritual Consequences of Using Crystals and Sage

There are spiritual consequences to using crystals and sage as a source of something, no matter how innocent it seems. Because I know it can seem like it’s just a rock or it’s just some herbs, so how serious could it be. Here’s how serious the spiritual consequences are.


Using crystals for protection, peace, healing and everything else violates the first commandment, which is “You shall have no other gods before Me.” If you listened to the last episode, then this will be a refresher for you. If this is your first episode then here’s the breakdown.

First we have to define the Hebrew word that our Bible translates to as being the word “before” in that scripture. The Hebrew word in the original text is the word “al.” That word means “in addition to,” “beside,” “together with,” and “above.” So the scripture is saying, we shall have “no other gods in addition to God. We shall have no other gods together with, beside, or above our God.

Here’s how that relates to crystals and sage:

Whenever we go to something other than God for things that we are supposed to only seek from God, whatever source we go to we are actually making it our God.

If we go to crystals as a source of peace, which God has already provided for us because Jesus was chastised for our peace, then we are making the power behind that source our God. And the source behind anything that asks us to rely on it for something God freely provides to us is the enemy.

So what happens when a person used crystals and sage? They commit idolatry.


Committing idolatry and breaking the first commandment brings with it a curse on the person who does it and to their third and fourth generations. That’s a generational curse. God has an intense hatred for idolaters. He also views those who commit idolatry as being people who hate him. We see this in Exodus 20.

A generational curse is a warranted verdict given by the courtroom of heaven against a person, a household, or a place that committed a transgression against God’s law that warrants that level of consequence. Not every sin brings a generational curse but idolatry is one that does. I’m going to record an episode about curses at some point, but until then I put a link in the show notes to a video of Alexander Pagani teaching on generational curses.

When I tell you that I have personally seen all hell break loose in the lives of some people who use or used to use crystals. Horrible things have happened to them. I’m talking about Christians.

Crystals and Sage

There is nothing wrong with using crystals for home décor or wearing them as jewelry, but here is why I would never do that. One thing that I don’t think people realize is what happens to the crystals sold in stores before someone buys them and takes them home. What happens is that people pray curses over them, they speak incantations over them, and these crystals end up becoming objects that demons inhabit. They become accursed objects. Can you imagine walking around with a demon on your neck in the form of a necklace?

I remember Stephanie Ike recounting a story once when she was preaching about crystals and as a woman was walking up to the altar during the sermon, she started screaming. Eventually, people around her realized that she was screaming because the crystal necklace she had on started choking her when she walked toward the altar. This stuff is serious. If demons can inhabit people and houses, you can believe that they can inhabit objects like crystals.

Final Thoughts

One thing I want to leave you with regarding crystals and sage and the enemy is this: the devil does not want to be different from God. He wants to be like God. That is why he rebelled in heaven. He wanted to overthrow God so that He could be God.

The devil wanting to be like God is also a large part of his beef with humanity and why he hates us. We are the only beings that were created in the image of God.

The devil wanting to be like God is why deception is so effective. When the devil is deceiving he’s using things that look like God. That sounds like God. That feels like it’s godly. Someone described it as being just like counterfeit money. A counterfeit dollar is trying to look JUST like a real dollar.

It feels godly for someone to say that they are using something that comes naturally from the earth, something that God made—i’m sure it feels godly to say that the use of those things is approved by God. They aren’t though.

Want More?

If you enjoyed this episode exposing the deception in crystals and sage, then you may also enjoy the episode of the show about the seed of deception and the fruit it bears or this episode exposing the deception of zodiac signs, horoscopes, and angel numbers.

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