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Overcoming Deception: Why I Had To Denounce Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

delta sigma theta

Overcoming deception in 2023 looks very different than we think, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is an area where I was deceived. In this episode I shed light on my journey coming to the decision to renounce and denounce Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. This is a different kind of episode but not really lol. In a way it’s a continuation of the false idols episode I released a few months ago.

If you are not in a sorority, fraternity, secret society or lodge, I want to encourage you to still check this episode out.

Disclaimer: I have nothing but love for the women who are members of Delta Sigma Theta, ok? I think they are literally the cream of the crop. My decision and position has nothing to do with individual people. My sisters are still my sisters. They are some of my closest friends. We just won’t have the organization in common anymore. This episode is from a place of love for Believers in and followers of Christ. I love yall deep. I know God wants me to share this on this platform so that you are aware of what He has revealed to me.

As I’m walking through my journey you will hear me say things with certainty. Like, this IS idolatry or this IS xyz. I do that because that is what God revealed it to me to be. My conclusions didn’t come from logic or reasoning. I let the Holy Spirit guide me, so what I share is how He led me to those revelations

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”

I want to make my intentions clear for this episode which is to expose the schemes of the devil. Scripture tells us to, “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” Ephesians 5:11, ESV. We are to expose works of darkness.

To expose means to to make known : bring to light. It means to cause to be visible or open to view. That is our responsibility as Believers; not to speak about darkness in the abstract, but to expose it specifically.

God wants his people set free. Completely free. 

Recently I’ve been intentional about seeking God about whether I’m connected to anything that isn’t of Him or if I’ve unknowingly engaged in something I need to repent for, and He has been revealing things to me through the Holy Spirit so clearly. I’ve only recently been postured to really hear from God about Delta though. 

What I mean by that is back in January 2020, I was baptized with the holy spirit, and my spiritual growth has been kinda full steam ahead since then. The baptism of the holy spirit is not the same thing as baptism by immersion in water. A lot of times, people limit the baptism of the Holy Spirit to the evidence of speaking in tongues or to the experience the person being baptized has because it is an encounter with Jesus.

In this episode I dive into:
  • Why I started evaluating my membership in Delta Sigma Theta in the first place, especially considering I had been a member for 15 years,
  • What exactly led me to revoke my membership
  • The spiritual consequences to membership in sororities, fraternities, and secret societies
  • Why it was necessary to renounce and denounce the organization publicly instead of privately withdrawing my membership
  • Resources for anyone who wants more information
  • Encouragement

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Being Led By the Holy Spirit

Back in January 2020, I was baptized with the holy spirit, and my spiritual growth has been kinda full steam ahead since then. The baptism of the holy spirit is not the same thing as baptism by immersion in water. A lot of times, people limit the baptism of the Holy Spirit to the evidence of speaking in tongues or to the experience the person being baptized has because it is an encounter with Jesus.

But Alexander Pagani said something about the Holy Spirit that’s worth mentioning here. He said, “The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is not just to experience tongues. It’s not just to perpetuate the gospel. The primary focus of the Holy Spirit is to glorify Jesus, but it is also to reveal where the devil is hiding. Where he’s lurking. When the Holy Spirit shows up, there is always a revealing.”

This period of growth for me has been a period of revelation. The Holy Spirit has taught me so much about the spirit realm, miracles, casting out demons, angels, strongholds, and spiritual warfare. I’ve been constantly praying and asking God to open my eyes to anything I’m being deceived about and I’ve been confessing that I’m watchful and wise to the schemes of Satan. Well, God has revealed to me that the devil has been hiding in this area of my life.

My Delta Journey

I crossed into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. in Fall 2007 and I officially renounced the organization in July 2023. I’m a first generation college graduate so I didn’t grow up knowing much about Greek life. Even though I didn’t know much about it, people have been telling me since I was in elementary school that I was going to be a Delta.

When I stepped foot on my college campus, I was very intentional about trying to position myself to join. The Deltas ran the yard so it wasn’t hard to find out who the members were. They ended up having a line the fall 2007 when I was a sophomore and I made the line with 21 of the most phenomenal, hard working women I know.

At the time that I pledged, I was a Christian but I wasn’t spiritually mature at all. I didn’t know much of anything about the spirit realm, the power of my words, or the spiritual consequences of pledging to a sorority.

After graduation, I was pretty detached from the organization. I was never really one to wear much nalia so I still didn’t really wear any after graduation. No nalia on my car. I stopped going to meetings and paying dues. After awhile, I wouldn’t post on founders day or charter day. I was fine with it being like this until the following things happened. Bear with me, because I think it’s important for me to lay out just how hard God was chasing after me about this.

Why I Began Evaluating Delta

1. YouTube Video

The first thing that happened was last year when my campus pastor asked me about pledging and if there was anything about the pledging process or organizations that were not in line with the word of God. She was asking for someone else and if I remember correctly, she was more interested in the oaths and pledges Greeks make and stuff like that. I didn’t have much information for her. She eventually sent me a thorough video by Pastor Fredrick Price: “Pursuit of Holiness Exposing Idolatry in the Church.” I watched that video and immediately knew I needed to do more research but never got around to it. That was 2022.

2. Emails

This year I got two emails from someone who receives my weekly email newsletter and she asked me about my thoughts on being a member of Delta Sigma Theta and also being a Christian. She sent one email in January and another in June. Both of us basically said we didn’t feel any convictions about it. In retrospect, I see now that this was an ignorant approach for me to take.

I say that because:

1) convictions develop as we grow in spiritual maturity and spiritual maturity develops according to each of our own individual walks with Christ. There were a lot of things I felt no conviction about that was sin, like overeating, gossiping, and lying; another reason why that was an ignorant approach for me to take is that

2) this was an area of my life that I had not submitted to God. I never asked God how he felt about Delta Sigma Theta or about me being a member.

3. Deliverance

This year I began operating in the ministry of deliverance. When I say deliverance, I’m talking about casting demons out of people, which is literally and spiritually a miracle. The fact that a human can stand in the place of Jesus in front of a person and command a demonic spirit to come out of that person’s body, and it leaves is a miracle.

Sidenote: If you had no idea that demons are still on earth and that they inhabit people, I want to encourage you to watch the documentary Come Out In Jesus Name. Also, here are some scriptures to read and meditate on:

  • Matthew 8:16; 10:1; 10:8
  • Mark 16:17
  • Luke 11:14; 10:17

I started operating in the ministry of deliverance before I had much knowledge about it so I decided to read a book to get more fundamental knowledge. Well, in the book, the author listed some patterns they would see during deliverance sessions and one issue that would lead to some people needing deliverance is their involvement in secret societies and social agencies that use the Bible and God as a basis but omit the blood atonement of Jesus Christ. When I read that, I immediately felt convicted about my membership in Delta

4. Spiritual mom

Because God knew I needed even more of a push, it came a few days later from my spiritual mother. She told me to research Delta Sigma Theta and its rituals and let her know what I discover in 30 days. After almost two weeks, I still hadn’t done any research and I was starting to get anxious about it. One morning I opened the YouTube app on my phone and I saw a video on my feed with a former Delta, AKA, Kappa, Sigma, and Zeta exposing the rituals of their organization. The five of them had renounced and denounced and they were talking about the problems with each organization’s rituals and practices.

It immediately grabbed my attention because 1) I had not searched any videos on denouncing so I was intrigued that the algorithm pushed it to me and 2) the video started with one guy saying, “just because you don’t feel convicted by it, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t sin.” Remember, that was what was brought up in the emails.

After all of that I went on a research journey and what I found shook me...

I measured what I found against scripture because the Bible is the inerrant, authoritative word of God. The Bible is my first and final authority. So I used that. I found idolatry, manipulation of scripture, and covenants with false gods.


I had this grand idea of what an idol is and what idolatry is and I was so wrong, so just to make sure we’re on the same page I’m going to define our term.

An idol is a physical or material image representing a being that is considered divine, which by default makes it an object of worship. Both the old and new testament condemn idols. In biblical times, Egyptians represented their deities in human-animal forms like the Sphinx of Giza which has the head of a human and the body of a lion or Bastet which has the head of a cat and the body of a woman.

Idols were used in Greek and Roman religion as well. Think: Atlas, Apollo, Hermes, Athena, Zeus, and so on. I’m bringing this up because we see these Egyptian, Roman, and Greek gods, goddesses, and deities show up in sororities and fraternities today.

1. False Idols

The official emblem of Delta Sigma Theta is the Roman goddess Minerva. An emblem is a symbol or figure that’s adopted and used as an identifying mark. So the identifying figure for Delta Sigma Theta is the goddess Minerva. She is the Roman goddess of wisdom. She is known by the Greeks as Athena, which Delta makes reference to and recognizes in its official documents.

Minerva is on the very top of the sorority’s official crest—she’s right above the torch. Members wear this crest on clothing and the crest is positioned over their hearts.

I took a deeper look into the ritual to see just how much Minerva is embedded because as a college sophomore, I had made up in my mind that Minerva was only a symbol of wisdom. The organization’s ritual is online now so you can find it by doing a quick google search. What I’m about to share is no longer a secret.

During the initiation process there are so many references to Minerva, moving closer to the center of Minerva, and then there is the Minerva Circle. The organization positions Minerva as the source of wisdom, guidance, the place to move closer to during the initiation process. Minerva is the guiding divine being of Delta Sigma Theta. She’s the goddess of the organization. She sits on top of the organization’s crest and guides the functions of the sorority.

Here’s my issue with all of that.

• Wisdom comes from God.

This is a problem for me because God’s word makes it clear in Colossians 2:3 that all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are found in God. James 1:5 tells us that if we lack wisdom, then we should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to us.

So, there is no need for a Christian to find their source of wisdom in any other god or goddess or use another god as an emblem of wisdom, and that’s exactly what Delta does.

• All other gods are demons.

Minerva is the god of Delta Sigma Theta. On the surface to me, it didn’t feel like she is but she is. She sits on top of the organization’s crest and guides the business and functions of the sorority. Isaiah 45:5 God explicitly says, “I am the Lord, and there is no other, besides me there is no God.” God also says, “Before me no god was formed, nor shall there be any after me.” He is the only God.

So, if the God of the Bible is the only God there is, then any other spirit or god portraying itself as a god in a separate religion is not God. It is a demon. There is no in-between.

Apostle John Eckhardt in his book Prayers That Rout Demons breaks this down further. The book itself is a reference handbook for defeating the devil and Apostle Eckhardt says, “The idols that men worship are made in the image of [people]. Behind these idols are demons. These are evil spirits that manifest in the natural [world] through idols. These gods (idols) were also male and female.”

When Apostle John Eckhardt says demons hide behind idols and gods, this isn’t something he made up. The Apostle Paul laid this out in 1 Corinthians 10:19-22. I know we think of 1 Corinthians as a book in the Bible, but it’s actually a letter Paul wrote to the church in the city of Corinth. In Bible times, Corinth was the preeminent city in Greece so the letter was written in Greek. Corinthians are basically Greeks.

This is important because...

… in his letter, the Apostle Paul was reprimanding the Corinthians for eating food that other people used to sacrifice to their gods and goddesses, their idols. Since Corinth is in Greece, we know that these were very likely Greek gods and goddesses.

Paul told them that what people were sacrificing to those gods and goddesses, they were actually sacrificing to demons and not to God. He straight up told them, “I do not want you to be participants with demons!” The idols and gods they worshiped were Greek gods and goddesses like Zeus, Hermes, Apollo, Hercules, Atlas, and Athena aka Minerva. The bible mentions some of these by name.

delta sigma theta

Just to recap: Paul is checking the Corinthians for mixing with demons, those demons being the same kind of Greek gods and goddesses that sororities and fraternities have as their official emblem and on their crests today in 2023. As this is coming to me while I’m researching, I start to connect the dots and see it for what it really is.

Here’s what I mean: Demons are agents of Satan. Because Satan can’t be everywhere all the time, he uses evil spirits to accomplish his work. They operate in his place and do what he says.

The Holy Spirit gave me this analogy.

Think about U.S. ambassadors. Ambassadors are appointed by the President of the United States as the country’s diplomatic representatives to a specific foreign nation. They have a specific place and area of influence. It’s their job to represent the interests of the president and to basically get the other country to act according to the wishes of the president in a specific area. So, when a foreign country acts in compliance with what an ambassador says, they are acting in compliance with the agenda of the United States President.

Well, demons are Satan’s ambassadors. Just like U.S. ambassadors are appointed to operate in a specific foreign nation, demons are sent by Satan to operate in specific areas of your life. Each one has a specific agenda.

This works the other way around too.

Jesus told his disciples that whoever receives anyone he sends receives him (Jesus), and those that receive Jesus, receives the one who sent Jesus, of course Jesus is talking about God [John 13:20]. We get to see this played out in the book of Acts when Saul was persecuting Christians for spreading the gospel. Saul had been dragging people out of their homes, arresting them, and threatening Christians with murder.

One day, Jesus appeared to Saul on the road to Damascus and asked him straight up, “Saul, why are you persecuting ME?!” Saul is looking crazy because in his mind, he’s like wait a minute, “Who are you?” I ain’t do nothing to you. Jesus doubled down and said “I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting.”

What Jesus is trying to communicate to Saul is hey, those people you’re dragging out into the streets and beating on, they’re my messengers, they represent me. I sent them. They are my ambassadors on earth. So when you do something to them, you are doing it to ME.

So the ambassadorship works both ways—God has ambassadors and so does Satan. And since demons are ambassadors of Satan and Minerva IS a demon, we can replace the name of demons with the name of Satan. 

Satan isn’t going to ask us to worship him outright...

…because we wouldn’t do that. No, what he does is he hides his hand behind things like Greek and Roman gods and goddesses and African ancestral deities, then he mixes some biblical truths and scripture along with things like community service that makes us feel good. That’s how he gets us to blindly align with him.

2. Altar

Not only is a demonic spirit embedded in the organization but altars are built to it. Webster defines an altar as a table or place which serves as a center of worship or ritual. 

Deltas have an altar. They call it a ceremonial table but it’s really an altar. And on that altar a candle that symbolizes the torch of wisdom burns whenever Deltas meet, which is discussed in the video I mentioned earlier. The candle is burned to symbolize what the goddess Minerva represents. This is worship. Worship is so much more than lifting our hands on Sunday mornings. My pastor just preached that how we treat our bodies is worship. When married couples have sex, that’s an act of worship. When unmarried people have sex that’s worship too, it just isn’t unto God. Doing the business of an organization.

Here’s the other thing about altars. Altars are also a place for sacrifice. The Greek word used for altar in the New Testament of the Bible literally translates “place of sacrifice.” Altars are symbolic and spiritual covenants. If you aren’t bringing anything to the altar to sacrifice, then chances are, you might be the sacrifice.

This was just the beginning of what I found...

…and it made me experience all kinds of emotions because this is idolatry. Centering false gods in the foundation of an organization and the initiation of its new members is worship. Building altars as the center of the business being conducted in these orgs is worship. It’s honoring the organization, its beliefs, and its god. Just like service in the kingdom is an act of worship unto God. Service in the name of Greek organizations is worship unto the god of these orgs. And while it didn’t feel like that was what I was doing whenever I was doing the work of it, that doesn’t change the truth of it. It is what it is. It’s idol worship/idolatry.

God’s position on idolatry and idolaters is crystal clear. He tells us in His word that idolaters will not inherit the Kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. More specifically, it says “do not be deceived” and then it says idolaters will not inherit the kingdom of God.

While this is a major issue and was enough for me to go ahead and officially remove myself from the organization, it wasn’t the only issue I discovered.

Delta Sigma Theta

Manipulation of Scripture

There are different areas in the organization’s ritual where scripture has been manipulated and changed to fit the organization’s agenda. When I was younger in the organization I actually liked that there were passages of scriptures. It made me feel like there wasn’t any conflict between the organization and my faith.

Now that I have matured as a Believer and follower of Christ, I know that this is a no-no! Manipulation of scripture by adding to it or taking from it is forbidden. You know who else manipulates scripture? Witches do that. They take scripture and use it for evil. Why? Because they know the word of God works! They understand the power of it.

  • Satan tempted Jesus with scriptures he manipulated by taking them out of context.
  • Sororities and fraternities take this a step further by actually altering the scriptures. They remove words and add the name of their organization or something that references their organization or their members.

Covenants and Oaths

I want to start by saying this, covenants are very powerful and they are a fundamental part of the Bible’s story. It’s how God disclosed his plan to us. Depending on where we are in the Bible, God even identifies himself as the covenant-making or covenant-keeping God. When the people of Israel were being oppressed by Egypt, God answered their cries because of the covenant He made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

“In basic terms, a covenant involves some kind of agreement or promise made between two parties by which they swear allegiance to one another. More specifically, biblical covenants are agreements or promises made between two parties (normally God and His people [but this isn’t always the case]), which establish a relationship between them. As covenants are enacted, at least one of the parties (usually both) swears an oath, under the threat of a divine curse, to uphold their obligation (s) to the other party, which is then ratified by a visual ritual.” – The Holman Bible Dictionary 

Covenants are serious and affect generations.

In order to become a member of Delta Sigma Theta, I had to make a pledge, swear an oath of allegiance, and perform a ritual ceremony that involves kneeling/bowing at an altar.

This process follows the Bible dictionary’s definition of a covenant to the letter. I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t remember much of anything about what I swore and pledged during the initiation so I had to go back and look.

Delta Sigma Theta
One thing I immediately noticed...

… when I looked at what I said as a candidate seeking initiation into this organization was that the ritual prompts the candidate to say that they are making the pledge in the presence of the Eternal Spirit of Truth. A young lady mentioned it in her denouncing video. It caught my attention because the first letter of each word is capitalized, which means it’s a proper noun. So I was like, ummm, who is that?? I read a little further and saw that the Delta crest has a sword in it underneath Minerva. According to the ritual, that sword represents truth and it is a part of Minerva’s symbolism. So the Eternal Spirit of Truth is another reference to Minerva. So, I said the pledge in the presence of a demonic spirit.

A former Delta pointed out something else in her YouTube video that brought this into even deeper perspective for me. She quoted a line from the ritual where the chapter president tells the pledges, “Now you are about to take upon yourself vows and obligations from which you can never be freed. They will follow you to the final judgment.”

2 Corinthians 5:10, lets us know what the final judgment is. It tells us that, “We must all stand before Christ to be judged. Everyone will get what they should. They will be paid for whatever they did—good or bad—when they lived in this earthly body.” This oath I took as a new initiate will follow me to when I appear before Christ to be judged. Why? Because it is a covenant and that’s how covenants work in the spirit realm.

God is so loving though...

He literally put in a protective measure for us in Exodus to let us know that we shouldn’t even be making covenants with people or their gods. If people have false gods and we make a covenant with the people, we are also making a covenant with their god.

Scripture tells us that we don’t even have to swear to God anymore, and if we are swearing to god it isn’t the God of the Bible, it’s Satan. See Deuteronomy 6:13-15; Matthew 5:33-37

And now that I know that Minerva is a demonic spirit, I realized that I had made a binding agreement and entered into a covenant with a demonic spirit. God honors covenants, even those made with false gods aka demons.

There are spiritual consequences to the words we say. The oaths we take and pledges we make matter in the spiritual realm. I literally knelt down at an altar, which they call a ceremonial table, and made that pledge.

Delta Sigma Theta
The Truth About Christian Principles

This was a lot to take in because one of the reasons I was drawn to the organization is because it was founded on Christian principles, but now I know that having Christian principles doesn’t mean it is Christ-centered or christ-based. It could literally be someone saying “hey I see that christians believe people should love their neighbors, I think that’s a good idea too. Let’s make that a principle of our organization.” Now they can say their organization is founded on Christian principles.

Delta Sigma Theta is not rooted in Christ though. The chaplain even says in the initiation process that Delta believes in a spiritual life but they leave to the individual the selection of the medium for its outward manifestation. They even go on to list things like crystal balls, fire, mist, evolution and at the bottom it says God. Noticeably absent though is Jesus Christ.

Remember that book I read that mentioned secret societies and social agencies that use the Bible and God as a basis but omit the blood atonement of Jesus Christ…

Now What??

I started asking myself questions like WHY would an organization founded on Christian principles choose to build altars and center demons in their foundational structure, in the initiation of members, and in the procedures for conducting official meetings, instead of, say, centering Jesus, the Christ behind the Christian principles?

And, why would the same organization center another god and omit Jesus in that process?

There is NO mention of Jesus anywhere in the initiation ritual and He is the reason why we even have Christian principles. But Minerva, a demonic spirit, is completely intertwined and rooted in the foundation and structure of Delta Sigma Theta.

When I really sat back and evaluated what I had done I just kept saying, “I’m so sorry God.”

So I knew I needed to come out of the organization, but how?

Renounce and Denounce

Anytime you enter a covenant, especially one that has spiritual consequences, it’s binding. Disassociating with Delta Sigma Theta wasn’t going to be enough. Entering into this covenant was like getting married. Leaving your partner isn’t enough, you have to formally and legally divorce.

It isn’t enough to just stop going to meetings and stop wearing paraphernalia. I had to renounce my affiliation and break the agreement.

  • Renounce means to refuse to follow, obey, or recognize any further. It is to formally declare one’s abandonment of. It means to refuse or resign a right or position. Renunciation removes any legal grounds the enemy wants to use against me. “Renunciation works like spiritual pruning shears: it cuts the issue to its roots.” – John Ramirez
  • Denounce means to publicly declare to be wrong or evil or to inform against. I knew I needed to denounce because 1) the enemy needs to be exposed, and 2) I have a ministry. There are thousands of people who look to me to help guide them in their purpose. I knew I needed to be transparent with them about my involvement whether they knew before now or not. This is a teachable moment about how deception can manifest and potentially keep you from your purpose.


I was caught off guard by this discovery but the truth is, I’m not surprised. Deliverance and spiritual warfare in general have shown me just how wicked and deceitful the enemy can be.

I know I focused on my journey but the information I shared isn’t exclusive to Delta Sigma Theta. If you want information about specific organizations, I linked to a site called Out From Among Them and they have resources from former members of each of the D9 orgs.

Something else that I don’t even have the time to dive into in this episode, but I may later is that all D9 orgs incorporate freemasonry. There are all kinds of generational curses that affect families because of one family member’s involvement in Freemasonry. I linked to a short clip from Derek Prince that provides an excellent example of how a freemasonry curse can affect generations in a family line.

Final Thoughts

I know there will be people who focus on all of the good these organizations do. Here’s the thing, good doesn’t always equal being in line with Christ or in right standing with God. There are a lot of people who do good and aren’t Christians. The Bible even warns us that the enemy will hide behind something like “doing good” when it tells us that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. The scripture actually says, “…even Satan changes himself to look like an angel of light. So it does not surprise us if Satan’s servants make themselves look like servants who work for what is right.” 2 Corinthians 11:1415 ERV. So we can expect that evil spirits might disguise themselves to look like a goddess of fertility or a goddess of wisdom.

I’m gonna be really transparent here. This discovery lowkey made me angry. Not just because of my involvement and how I was deceived but because of the good these organizations do in the Black community and how they have been pillars in the Black community, and somehow the enemy was able to snake his way in and corrupt and pervert the root and foundation of these organizations.

"Well what about all of the pastors and preachers who are in sororities and fraternities..."

Here’s what I have to say about that. You have to work out your own soul salvation. When you’re standing before Christ and He asks you about your membership your answer can’t be, well my pastor was in it so I thought it was okay. We must obey God.

I have a heart for seeing people set free from the enemy’s schemes, strongholds, and oppression. If you are someone who clearly hears from God, then pray if you’re considering joining one of these organizations or if you’re already a member. Ask God what he has to say about it.

If you struggle hearing God, then check out an episode of the show I released. It’s called How to Clearly Hear God’s Voice About Your Purpose. I know it says purpose but it can be applied to hearing God in general. We are in a time where everyone has to be able to hear the voice of God for themselves.

In the episode I discuss:

  • Methods God uses to communicate with us
  • Things that can hinder your ability to hear from God
  • Tips for listening for God


For some of you, what I shared about my journey was the planting of a seed. For others, this was the watering of a seed that someone else already planted in you.

I want to end with some encouragement. “We have to stop waiting for a Rhema word for what the Logos Word already told us.” – Ashton

  • 1 Peter 3:13. “And who is he who will harm you if you become followers of what is good?” Another translation says, “Now who is going to harm you if you are eager to do what is right?’ Who?
  • Mark 10:29-30. Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or lands, for my sake and for the gospel, who will not receive a hundredfold now in this time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions, and in the age to come eternal life.”

This was a lot of information. I know some of you will have questions so I’m thinking about doing a part two to answer your questions. I created a way for you to ask me questions anonymously or you can email me

Want More?

If you enjoyed this episode about me overcoming deception and denouncing Delta Sigma Theta, then you may also enjoy this episode of the show also about false idols and overcoming deception but related to culture or this episode Todd Dulaney about how to detect and guard against deception.

Resources Mentioned

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  1. Did you worship Minerva when you were in the sorority? I have never worshipped Minerva. I only see her as a figure from greek mythology. And I emphasize GREEK MYTHOLOGY. We can make anything our god. If you made Delta your God, then I understand your renouncement. Delta is not my God. Never has been nor never will be. I am in this world, but not of this world. I am in Delta, but not of Delta.

    1. This is an excellent question. I’m really glad you asked. The short answer is not in the way you probably view worship. I’m not sure if you listened to the entire episode or read all of this post, so forgive me if this is repetitive. I didn’t wear paraphernalia. I hadn’t gone to sorority meetings in years. I never even paid attention to Minerva. I treated that part of the organization like it didn’t exist, so no, I didn’t worship her in the way you’re thinking, but all members of the organization are worshiping her unknowingly.

      Worship is much more than what we think. For example, tithing is a form of worship. Giving alms to the poor is worship unto God. How we treat our bodies is a form of worshiping God because we are to present our bodies as sacrifices unto God. Remember, when Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac, he said, “we’re going to worship and we’ll come back.”

      Paying dues to Delta is worship to the God of that organization. Doing service on behalf of the organization is worship to the god of the organization, who is Minvera and Minvera is a demon. God’s word tells us in 1 Corinthians 10:19-22 that idols/gods and goddesses like Minerva are demons. 

      The Apostle Paul reprimanded the Corinthians for eating food that other people used to sacrifice to their gods and goddesses, their idols. Since Corinth is in Greece, we know that these were very likely Greek gods and goddesses.

      Paul told them that what people were sacrificing to those gods and goddesses, they were actually sacrificing to demons and not to God. He straight up told them, “I do not want you to be participants with demons!” The idols and gods they worshiped were Greek gods and goddesses like Zeus, Hermes, Apollo, Hercules, Atlas, and Athena aka Minerva. The Bible mentions some of these by name.

      Greek Mythology is real. People in Greece worship these gods and goddesses. When God commanded us not to have any other gods before him, that word “before” in Hebrew means “in addition to,” “together with,” and “around,” among other things. By being connected to an organization that has another god deeply rooted in it, Deltas are in violation of this commandment because Minerva is a god. She is the god of wisdom and God explicitly tells us we are to ask Him for wisdom because he gives it to us generously. We are not to have a “symbol” or a god of wisdom guiding us; one that a candle is lit for during meetings.

      What fellowship does light have with darkness?

      Deltas and other members of Greek organizations aren’t just in fellowship with false gods, but are covenanted to them. God honors covenants even when the covenant is with the enemy.

      There are also witchcraft rituals straight from a witchcraft book in the Delta initiation rituals. Hundreds of thousands of women have been blindly initiated into witchcraft. “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft…” 1 Samuel 15:23. We cannot mix something profane like witchcraft, with holiness.

  2. Everything is lawful for me but I will not be mastered by anything. That is a Bible verse. God said we can eat from any tree but NOT from idolatry. That is a complete Nono… I wish I’d known. Sis I got myself into some mess. I started meditating, had some crystals, tarot, all the new age foolishness and I’m trying to renounce and denounce, and I had a false Holy Spirit called kundalini come into my life and plague me with false visions and torment because I refuse to worship or follow it. it and it’s slowly exiting my life. Please pray for me. My name is Michelle. Saunders. God led me to here to share this with you. Well I think I was led if I wasn’t I apologize father. In Jesus name. Thank you

  3. I am so grateful that the Holy Spirit has opened my eye. I denounce Delta. GOD chose my line of 7 to stand against their abuse and so the chapter refused to make us. Glory to GOD and the love that JESUS CHRIST has a plan for my purpose.

      1. Sister Pavielle, I am in constant prayer because so many are going to have to face making the choice to obey GOD our Light that guides us, or be blinded in darkness because it brings pleasure to the flesh. Many ministers and pastors are allowing even the Omega Omega ritual which is the last ritual to eternal damnation. GOD is the only Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End. Do they realize Omega Omega means, the End, the End. Please! they need to Wake Up! Their souls are being committed to everlasting damnation at their funeral services.

  4. Thank you and Bless you for shining light on what is quickly being unveiled around us. You did the right thing leaving the Hellenic culture. Anyone who knows the TRUE history of Greek cults in America, understand they run directly antithetical to the teachings of Jesus. Your bravery and courage is recognized and you are protected by an Army of Angels. MATT 12:42

    1. Yes indeed Rachel! Thank you for your kind words. I was JUST praying about angelic protection last night too. The enemy has had a veil on our eyes regarding sororities and fraternities but we are waking up all over. Great deliverance has been facilitated through my testimony and more is to come.

  5. I thank God for your Godly wisdom!!! I thank God for giving you the courage to boldly speak against these demonic organizations. My story is like yours. I pledged when I was a babe in Christ. As I matured in Christ, I found that my church and my relationship with Jesus completelly pulled me away from the organization. What I thought I needed in DST, I found in my church that is Bible based and mission focused. So, even though I was a lifetime member, I stopped attending and participating in the organization. Then one of my line sisters denounced DST. That got my attention. I understood how she could make that decision but I didn’t think I needed to do that because, I like so many others felt like I wasn’t worshipping DST. Then one day a denouncement video popped up on my feed and I was blown away by the fact that so much of our rituals, songs and activities were indeed satanic worship of another god. I was ashamed of my ignorance and knew that I needed to immediately repent. I am finally completing the official documentation to renounce and denounce DST. Thank God for all of you whom God has placed it on your hearts to choose God and share your stories. This is a powerful ministry that is opening our eyes and drawing others closer to God. May God continue to give you boldness and you continue to preach the truth of His word. Your Sister in Christ.

    1. Glory be to God for revealing the evil covenant of Delta Sigma Theta to you!! I’m finding that those whose hearts are truly committed to God are able to really see it when the truth is revealed to them. May God restore everything the enemy stole from you while you were connected to that organization. Thank you for your prayer of boldness for me. I really appreciate it.

      1. Thank you. Your article opened my eyes and led me to renounce and denounce, officially. Thank God for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you.

  6. Please pray for my wife. She is a member of delta sigma theta. I’m praying that her eyes are opened and If or when she reads this page. May the Holy Spirit move her heart, In the name of Jesus.

    1. Please email me her name to so that I can pray for her. I want to encourage you to fast for her as well. Continue to teach/show her biblical truths about altars, covenants, false gods, and idolatry in general. Let me know if you need resources.

  7. Man, sis. I am struggling with this. I’ve been a member of my sorority since 2018. Back then when I would come across posts about folks denouncing I use to think they were just trippin, it wasn’t that deep. The past 8-9 months I’ve grown closer to my Heavenly Father and have been spending time daily with Him. About 3 weeks ago somebody I know shared a post talking about denouncing and ever since then it’s been popping up everywhere. I actually just watched a sermon by Jerry Flowers called Stomp the Yard, and that was so convicting. Anyway, please pray for me and my husband too, he is an Alpha (since ‘98).

  8. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came across this blog as I just saw a Howard University student denounce her affiliation with the same organization that my mom was once a part. She literally touched on ALL of the topics in her letter to the organization and why she was denouncing it. She is receiving backlash for doing it publicly, but we all know she’s shaken the room of demons. This is just opening my eyes…. my aunt, my cousins, other family members were drawn to join an organization they believe had roots in helping the community, our sisters, and one another.

    I always felt there was something deeper aside from the terrible hazing, abuse, deaths, and more as to why I was never fully drawn to join. I always felt it was a sisterhood, but somewhere along the line I did feel it was too much resemblance of a cult by the actions I saw or heard from other organizations and just how they acted. It never reflected God or God like mannerisms, but so nasty and evil and you just made it make sense. I started researching because my mom recently told me the Holy Spirt told her to denounce her affiliation with an organization she’s been a member of for almost 20 something years. I believe COVID made A LOT of people question a lot, especially their faith and spirit. So, I’m honestly in awe knowing that the generational curses I’m actively trying to break go a lot deeper than I could imagine. My family, men and women, are still affiliated with the organizations, but am I the one who needs to shake the tree and ask these questions??? I’m just lost for words and thank you for dissecting it all and exposing what everyone else is afraid to speak up about.
    My heart and prayers go out to you and any other person who had to experience this and are now being awaken! Thank you woman of God.

    1. Yes. It’s even deeper than what I documented here. I found out even more information after I posted this last year. I’m so glad that your mom removed herself.

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