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Pivoting in Purpose After Failure to Launching A Lash Life

What would you do if you were rejected from your dream opportunity? What would you do if you didn’t have a backup plan? In this episode I sat down with Faith Hudson, founder and CEO of A Lash Life Beauty Brand, and discussed how she was able to start an academy and scale a business to earn over $50,000 in revenue monthly, after she experienced a huge failure.

Faith Hudson is also the founder and Executive Director of Qiángdà STRONG Academy. The Academy provides a competitive academic experience for students residing in South West Atlanta.

The Academy equips students in grades Pre-K-5 with the tools necessary to compete in a global society. Qiángdà Academy students achieve Success Through Mandarin Language Immersion, Cohort Looping, and STEAM Enrichment.

As an entrepreneur, Faith Hudson created and opened A Lash Life Brand Beauty Spa in 2018 in Buckhead, Atlanta. A Lash Life provides new and innovative beauty services to women in the greater Atlanta area. In less than 2 years of operation, A Lash Life has expanded to two Atlanta locations and an additional location in Washington DC. 

Faith Hudson on Purpose, Education, and A Lash Life

In this episode we covered…
  • Faith’s journey from law school to being an Assistant Principal at the American International Academy in Weifang, China
  • Her advice for dealing with rejection
  • How Faith pivoted into the beauty industry where she earned $50,000 in a single month
  • How Faith is preparing the children in SW Atlanta to participate as adults in a global society.
  • What she did when Sasha Obama walked into A Lash Life on opening day
  • Faith’s deep sense of purpose in education and how it lead her into her newest venture of establishing The Hudson Academy of Esthetics 

I absolutely love Faith. She plays no games. She’s a girl who goes for what she wants and does it to the absolute best of her ability. 

She has now created a business and academy to help advance those who are in the beauty industry. She continues to pursue her purpose of educating others.

If you are trying to figure out what your purpose is, I strongly recommend you downloading a free guide I created to help you along the journey. You can find it here.

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You can connect with Faith on Instagram @iamfaith4 and @lashlifeatlanta.

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