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The Faithful Will Always Be In the Minority

Someone I know once said if you pay attention, you can find a message in just about anything. I want to share this message with you that I just got.

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This summer I met a woman at a kid’s birthday party. I ended up sitting next to her towards the end of the celebration and we sparked up a conversation. I was the only person at this function wearing a mask so naturally, the conversation progressed to her telling me about when she had COVID.

She admitted that she was one of those people who simply didn’t believe COVID was a big deal and that it just wasn’t a real threat. She low-key may have even believed that it wasn’t real at all. I’m not sure, I just let her talk because I could tell this was going somewhere.

One day she got really sick and it lasted for a few days. It got pretty bad so she eventually went to the emergency room. The doctors ran a bunch of tests on her and discovered she had COVID. Because she didn’t believe in COVID, she was convinced that she didn’t have it.

Her condition worsened and she ended up being hospitalized. COVID had attacked her body so severely that it left her with a rare, chronic inflammatory disease. One that significantly affects how she lives.

Now, when I initially heard her story, it didn’t really resonate with me. I felt bad for her but I didn’t immediately get a lesson from it. But the other day, her story popped up in my mind and the revelation I got from it was this…

Just because someone doesn’t believe something, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t real…

People can literally believe whatever they want, but the truth is the truth.

I don’t know where you are in your pursuit of God’s purpose and plan for your life, but because you’re listening to this episode, I can tell that you take purpose seriously.

That may not be the case for the people around you. You might have friends or even close family members who see you making sacrifices of your time, your money, or your energy in pursuit of your purpose and they’re probably thinking that it doesn’t take all of that. They may even take it a step further and vocalize it to you. Saying things like:

“It doesn’t take all that.”

“Ain’t no way I’ll be waking up at 4am just to read my Bible.”

Just because they don’t believe in the work you’re putting in, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective. They may not even believe in the concept of purpose at all, but that doesn’t mean God didn’t create every single one of us for a purpose.

When it comes to discovering purpose, if I had to pinpoint one thing that led me to my purpose, I would hands down have to say it was my spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is the process of learning more about God and applying what you learn. It’s the journey of growing in faith to know more about God, and in the process, becoming the person that He created you to be.

Spiritual productivity leads to spiritual growth, which is necessary for living a life dedicated to pursuing purpose. Many people may want to know their purpose but few are willing to do what it takes, because spiritual intimacy and productivity require process. Process is a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result.

This is why most people opt to never start developing spiritual intimacy. It isn’t the easiest or fastest option. I mean, who wouldn’t pick not getting up at 4:00 a.m. over reading their Bible at 4:00 a.m.?

Who wouldn’t pick something easy over something that requires process and work?

But, on the other side of process is growth and evolution. Believe me when I say that the juice of purpose is worth the squeeze of cultivating spiritual intimacy.

They don’t believe in the work it takes to discover and pursue purpose and may not even believe God calls people to certain

If you’re experiencing this, then I want to affirm and encourage you.

I was recently reading in my Bible about how people rejected Jesus left and right. They didn’t believe he was the messiah. People constantly reject the truth of God’s word. This isn’t new though. From the old testament to the new, people rejected God and His word. But their rejection doesn’t change the truth of it, nor does it change the fact that they are subject to what it says.

This just confirms the fact that the faithful will always be in the minority.

I don’t who this is for or why I felt compared to share this message with you but I pray that you received what you need from it.

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