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The Impact of Purpose: The Ripple Effect on the World

To break down the impact of purpose, we have to look at the terms. Impact is the force of impression of one thing on another. It’s a significant or major effect. 

One thing I know for sure about impact is that it has a ripple effect. It’s a multiplier. When one person operates in their purpose it benefits others who are then able to help and serve even more people. And it keeps going and going and going. 

So when you hear someone talking about how one person can change the world, this is how. This is how one person impacts the world; one person at a time, through their purpose.

Purpose and Impact

Purpose and impact go hand in hand.

When you are operating in your purpose you will have an impact on the lives of others. That is just how purpose works.

You were given a purpose to help other people. It isn’t for you. You receive benefits from it, but ultimately your purpose is for others. 

Characteristics of People Who Make An Impact

Forbes featured an article that dived into some of the core characteristics of impactful people so let’s explore some of those characteristics together. Impact people:

  • Dedicate themselves to what gives their life meaning and purpose
  • Commit to bettering themselves
  • Engage with people in open, mutually beneficial ways
  • Invest time and energy not in what is, but what could be
  • Embrace critique
  • Share what they know
  • Uplift others

The Impact of Purpose

So now my question becomes, what impact are YOU making in your purpose? If you don’t yet know your purpose I want you to think about what kind of impact you WANT to have on others. Let this guide you on your journey with purpose.

Take this FREE, two-minute quiz that will get you started on your unique path to your purpose.

I want to leave you with some affirmations. I created them based on scriptures from Psalms. The reason I align my affirmations with God’s word is because God must respond to His word. His obligated to see your request through when it’s aligned with what He has said or promised. Period.

affirmations for purpose

I encourage you to write these down or screenshot the picture above and make sure to say them verbally. There’s power in the words we speak.

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