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How to Find Your Unique Path to Your Purpose

Purpose is not one-size fits all. Your purpose in life may be similar to what someone else is doing, but it isn’t the same. 

The path you will take to your purpose is the route you will need to take based on your personality, your strengths, and your struggles.

Your Path to Purpose in Life

Your purpose in life is unique to you, so naturally, your path to your purpose will be unique as well. It takes into consideration your personality, your strengths, and your struggles.


Personality is a complex set of distinct characteristics that distinguishes you from someone else. It’s how you think, feel, and behave. Your personality is shaped and influenced by things like your biology and how God made you, your environment, and your experiences. 

Some characteristics that make up your personality are innate and existed from the time you were born. On the flip side of that, some characteristics are developed over time. Have you ever caught yourself responding to situations how your parents used to respond to you? Which can be downright creepy, especially when what you said was something you used to be annoyed by when your parents said it.

This is another reason why it’s so important to be selective with who you allow into your friend circle and who you marry. I talk about how your friends can affect your habits and ultimately your life in a previous episode. The episode is called The KEYS to Building the Squad You NEED

Since your personality involves how you think, behave, feel, and respond to things, it’s a no-brainer that your path to purpose will involve an exploration of your personality even if on a subconscious level.


Next are strengths. Your path to purpose in life will also include your strengths, which are things you can do well. Strengths are generally positive. When you know your strengths, you can use them as tools to work towards the things you want to achieve. Strengths can be used to face challenges that will inevitably present themselves. This will help you on your path to discover your purpose. I truly believe that God gives us certain strengths to help us maneuver our purpose.

The Values in Action Institute of Character has identified 24 different character strengths. These include interpersonal, intellectual, emotional, restraint, and mental areas of strength. Some of the strengths identified by the Institute include curiosity and interest in the world, bravery and valor, caution and prudence, fairness, equity, and justice, creativity, kindness, and leadership. 

I have my coaching clients take their assessment before we have our first coaching session. This helps my clients to see on paper what tools they have in their arsenal. It also helps them begin to formulate plans of how to move past the areas where they are stuck. 


To help you with the beginning steps of finding your path to your purpose, I created a free, super fun quiz which is titled the same as this episode, “How to Find Your Unique Path to Your Purpose.” You can find it here.

In nine questions, the path to purpose quiz explores your personality, your strengths, and your struggles. The quiz questions incorporate things you do in your life. If you enjoy sitcoms, music, or shopping at Target, then you will find the questions especially interesting.

Sneak Peek

Just to give you a little sneak peek, one of the questions asks you which sitcom character is most like you. Just in case you’ve never seen the TV show some of the characters starred in, I provide the personality traits of each character in the answer options. 

Only one answer can be chosen for each question. You may find that you identify with more than one answer to a question, but the key there is to choose the answer that is most like you. Each question helps me understand more about your personality, what your strengths are, and areas where you may be struggling and can use some support.

After you take the quiz and submit your answers, the next page you will see is your results page. This is where the magic happens. Each result is personalized to you based on how you answered the questions and has three actionable steps that you can take to start your journey of discovering your path to your purpose.

I also provide you with some free resources to help you along the way.

You have my support on your journey.

Quiz Reviews

Nearly 500 people have taken the quiz already. They have even been sharing it with their friends and families to see which result everyone gets.

I invited quiz takers to tell me how they felt about their results and if they resonated with them.

Here are some responses I’ve received:
"I took the quiz and here are my results. It’s almost scary that it is exactly what I thought they would be. God has been telling me these things forever and I have either doubted them or been distracted.”
Quiz Review #1
“This quiz and the results were precise. I’m amazed, impressed, and inspired.”
Quiz Review #2
"It’s soooo good! I loved the quiz questions. I love how you incorporated what’s familiar to us. My email and plan felt really personal like you knew me and I love how at every turn you remind me of what I tend to do and you follow it with solutions and action!”
Quiz Review #3

Now it’s time for you to take the quiz. Click here to take the quiz. It’s quick, it’s fun, and more than that, it’s impactful and actionable.

In addition to seeing your results page immediately after the quiz, a copy will also be sent directly to you via email so you’ll be able to refer back to it. I’m invested in your results and in you finding your path to your purpose in life, so after you take the quiz, email me at and let me know what you think about your results.

I can’t wait to talk to you about them!

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Resources Mentioned


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