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Well, hello there!

Based on your responses, I can tell that you spend a lot of time caring for the needs of others. This makes sense because you are a natural giver. You’re dependable, supportive, and often go out of your way to help others.

Listen, your purpose fulfills a need that others have, so your caring nature isn’t an accident. You are wired to help.

As you begin to take your commitment to discovering your purpose to new levels, you will want to make sure that you aren’t helping others so much that you neglect spending the time necessary to really hear where God is directing you for your purpose.

Your path to purpose involves an intentional shift that will require you to seemingly put yourself first. It may feel selfish initially, but believe me, in order for you to have optimal impact when helping others, you need to know your purpose. The path to purpose takes a lot of introspection and alone time with God.

I know you may think this is selfish, but friend, this is necessary work for you. I put together some actionable steps to help guide you as you make this shift.

But first, I’m sure you’re wondering who is the person behind this quiz anyway?

Before we get into some action steps for you, allow me to introduce myself.

Hey there! 👋🏾 I’m Pavielle the Purpose Coach.

My friends affectionately call me the Purpose Pusher. You can call me either. I’m committed to helping you unlock more meaning, direction, and focus in life through your purpose.

Before I discovered my purpose I did all of the things and checked all of the boxes.

But I was never able to really pinpoint my “thing.” You know what I’m talking about? The thing I was called and created to do. My purpose. Once I discovered my purpose, I realized that purpose is the key to fulfillment and meaning in life.

Discovering your purpose doesn’t have to be complicated, which is why I teach people of faith how to unlock the key to success and fulfillment in life by showing you how to partner with God to discover your life’s purpose.

It’s time for you to ACT.

These results will push you. I want to encourage you to have an open mind about them.


Step One.


Let’s dive into how to get clear on your why. You are most productive and focused when you know that what you are doing is beneficial and helpful to others. This is great because your purpose is ultimately meant to help others. This confirms that you were pre-wired for your purpose. So, keep this in the forefront of your mind.

I want to challenge you to be intentional about dedicating time to dive deep into material that positions the impact and fundamentals of purpose. If you need a place to start, then check out the following episodes of my podcast, The Purpose Collective titled the impact of purpose and the value of purpose.

You thrive in community so I recommend finding an accountability partner you believe would help you during this journey. Who can you count on to meet with you regularly and help you keep your commitment to yourself?

Feel free to join my exclusive community of purpose-driven movers and shakers over on Facebook. You can find an accountability partner for your purpose journey there. Click here to join. The outside perspective from an accountability partner will help you set healthy boundaries and will serve as motivation.

Step Two.

Navigating the path to discovering your purpose has some common pitfalls that you will want to avoid. One specific pitfall you will want to avoid is giving more energy to others than you actually have to give. A great place to start is by saying “no” to things that are not essential. This will likely be difficult for you in the beginning because you are so caring, but here are some tips from author Greg McKeown as discussed in his book Essentialism:

  • Remember that denying a request is not the same as denying the person. Once you separate the decision from the relationship, you can make a clear decision.
  • Learn to say no firmly, resolutely, and yet gracefully. Once you do, you will find not only that your fears of disappointing or angering others were exaggerated but that people actually respect you more. “People respect and admire those with the courage to say no.”
  • You also don’t have to use the word no. You can say something like, “I would very much like to, but I am overcommitted.” Or you can use my personal favorite, which is “I don’t quite have the bandwidth for that at this time.”


The bottom line, friend, is you have to get clear on what is essential and what isn’t. Once you master that, get selective on how you spend your time.

I created the Purpose Starter Pack to help you navigate some other common pitfalls. The Starter Pack also includes 30 scriptures and 20 affirmations to help support you along your journey. Click here to grab this resource.

Step Three.

After you have assessed your skills and talents and created a system for avoiding pitfalls, it’s time to take the ultimate step and commit to partnering with God to discover your purpose. This will require you to cultivate your relationship with God. Here is how you can get started:

  • Commit to reading your Bible more

  • Set aside specific days and times that you will spend time with God in prayer and in meditation

  • Journal anytime you feel God leading you in a particular direction

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Looking for a little extra guidance? Check out these resources...

1. Read this blog post where I break down some of the things you can expect once you start walking in your purpose.

2. Listen to my podcast The Purpose Collective for more tips on navigating the journey of discovering your purpose and walking boldly in it.

3. Join my exclusive community of purpose-driven movers and shakers like you. It’s absolutely free and can be accessed here.