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Transforming Rejection into Purpose: How to Overcome the Spirit of Rejection

How you finish is much more important than how you start and Destinie is committed to leaving rejection and every other tactic of the devil behind.

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Destinie is an Evangelist, a baker for the kingdom of God, and a music artist. She grew up alone as she and her sibling were raised in separate homes. Destinie found Jesus in the most dramatic way in 2023, and she has been walking with him since.

It’s her goals are to spread the love of Jesus Christ and spread the good news to the lost sheep, showing them that there is much more to this life. 

God gave her a word to learn a very specific skill and she is in the beginning stages of carving it out!

Spirit of Rejection

In this episode we covered…
  • Destinie’s experience with rejection

  • How she came to know Jesus for yourself
  • Her experience with deliverance and having demons casted out

  • Why she pivoted from cosmetology school

  • How did God revealed his will for her life to her

  • Why she actually decided to pursue God’s will for her life

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Resources Mentioned

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Instagram: @deschosen

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