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The New Year Warm Up

I’m back yall. I’m back. It feels so good to be back! Welcome back to The Purpose Collective Podcast and welcome to 2024. This is the very first episode of the year and if it’s okay with you, I’m gonna ease back into it.

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Recap of 2023

If I had to rate the year as a whole with 1 being complete trash and 10 being absolutely amazing, in full honesty I would rate my 2023 as 8.5. I don’t think there has been a more defining year of my life than 2023. Faulty foundations were destroyed and rebuilt. Curses were broken. Evil covenants were voided and evil altars were destroyed. Holy altars were established in my bloodline.


I mean, I walked away from a sorority I was a member of for 15 years, well more like I ran away from it, but you get the point. Never did I ever think I would do something like that, but I am so glad that God showed me mercy and opened my eyes to truth in the foundation of the organization, and the rituals involved in it. God continues to reveal things to me about it too. I’ll share more about it in a separate episode so if you have any questions about it, you can submit them anonymously over at


Another defining moment in 2023 for me was being thrusted into the ministry of deliverance and casting out demons. Once I started doing deliverance, I started going through an intense period of spiritual warfare that lasted for months. Even though deliverance is more of a ground level warfare effort, meaning it is one of the lowest levels of combat, it’s still an area that the enemy fights back hard in.

Operating in deliverance is one of my 2023 experiences that has completely shifted my perspective on a lot of things. I had to grow up quick and learn a lot fast because I literally went from seeing demons being cast out of a person once to doing it alone two months later, with the help of the Holy Spirit of course. Thank God for the Holy Spirit because He guided me on what I needed to learn and when. Deliverance shifted my perspective because I gained the understanding that demonic activity was the cause of a lot of people’s behaviors and problems.

There were many other defining moments in 2023 that I’ll share later when the time is right. But baby, believe me when I tell you that the goodness and favor of God RESTED on ME in 2023, okay?! It hovered over me like a cloud. Shout out to the cloud by day, and the fire by night.

Low point

Even though this year was great for me, there was a low point which I kind of touched on earlier but it was during the months that I experienced intense spiritual warfare. I was being attacked in my dreams while I was asleep. I even had physical encounters with demons in the natural, outside of my dreams. I wasn’t sleeping much. I went from getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep a night to sleeping about 3-5 hours. Things were bad. One of the scriptures I relied on heavily in 2023 for spiritual warfare was Luke 10:19-20.

Only God could have gotten me out of that spot. During that time, God would place me on people’s hearts and minds heavily. I was getting text messages, phone calls, and even emails from people telling me that I had been on their minds and they were praying for me.

On July 5, a good friend of mine texted me and told me I had been on her mind heavily.

July 22 someone else texted me and told me I had been on their mind heavy. They all used the word “heavy” in their messaging.

They were picking me up in the spirit and they didn’t even know it. God interrupted their whole agenda and had them intercede for me.

Biggest lesson learned in 2023

That brings me to one of the biggest lessons I learned last year and it was how to effectively engage in spiritual warfare. God taught me the principles of spiritual warfare.

I was over reading books about spiritual warfare. They were all pretty similar and while they were useful, I could tell that something was missing, which is weird because I was so new to operating in the supernatural and understanding spiritual things. But idk, something, likely the Holy Spirit was nudging me to the fact that there was something I needed to know that I didn’t know.

So I went to my daddy about it, because one thing I’m not gonna do, is let the devil play me! So I went to God humbly and asked Him to teach me how to wage war in the spirit and He delivered!…which, of course He did.

On to 2024

Last year I started the show off the show with an episode about choosing to be great. I was trying to think about how I’m choosing to be great in 2024 and I honestly couldn’t really think of anything outside of the things that I discussed in that episode. That episode was a crowd favorite so I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t listened to it yet.

Here’s what I do have to say about 2024, I’m about my father’s business in every area of my life. I feel like I focused a lot on ministry in prior years since launching in 2020. That isn’t going to change, but in 2023 I set the foundation and began truly inviting God into every area of my life, which listen, I am a reformed “do what I want and ask God to bless it after” kind of girl.

What you can expect from me and TPC in 2024

You can expect more dope content on the show. I will be posting more on social media, specifically, more videos. There will also be more opportunities to connect with me in person, so if this is something you are interested in, then get on my email list because that’s where I announce in-person opportunities. That’s also where I send weekly encouragement and things God may place on my heart for me to share with you in between podcast episodes. It’s like my diary of sorts. The newsletter subscribers get the uncut version of me. Join the list so you don’t miss out! 

I noticed that a lot of people connected to this ministry have the genuine desire to grow closer to God so I’ll continue to teach bite sized digestible content around that topic and more long form content. Soon I’ll be hosting a masterclass that is going to be a game changer for your relationship with God. If your goal is to ascend higher in Christ, this masterclass is where you want to be, so look out for more information about that via my email newsletter.

I have another huge thing that I’m launching but I’ll share more about it closer to the release for it.

What I’m personally striving for in 2024

On a personal level, I have a couple of goals of course. One of them is evangelism.


I was watching the testimony of James Kawalya the other day. I’ve watched his testimony I think three times at this point because I grab something new each time. One thing that stood out to me on the most recent listen is when he talked about one of his first assignments after he was initiated into the occult as a devil worshipper.

His assignment was to identify 5000 young people and recruit them into the occult. Not just any young person though. His job was to identify bright students in college who were studying medicine, law, education and recruit them into satanism so that by the time they finish college, they are already working for the kingdom of darkness.

The devil was after doctors, surgeons, lawyers, and teachers and he sent a teenager to college to initiate them before they made it into these professions. That is how intentional the enemy is. Meanwhile, us Christians be over here scared to tell people about Jesus, which is the best thing that could EVER happen to them.

Not me anymore. I’m about to start talking about how Jesus saved me and how the Holy Spirit is my best friend.


The other day on Facebook someone liked a post I made on my birthday in 2021. I don’t even know how we found that post but that particular post was about a growth spurt.

In his debut book, Carmelo Anthony described a period in his life where he experienced excruciating pain that would last for a long time.

There were days where he felt paralyzed and days he would wake up in tears. This went on for months.

It was a growth spurt.

Once the pain sort of subsided, he didn’t have any coordination and walked with a limp. Eventually, all of that was replaced with confidence and he not only learned how to play basketball again, but he began to dominate on the court and beat players who were much older and more experienced than he was.

He was a beast!

Over the past few years, I went through a spiritual growth spurt of sorts. There were some rough patches but now I’m learning how to walk with my new legs.

All I have to say now is, watch out.

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