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Trust the Timing of Your Life

I just returned from celebrating my 35th birthday. Leading up to my birthday though, I did some light reflecting. That reflection is part of what sparked this episode. The other thing that sparked this episode were conversations I had with a couple friends where the recommendation to trust the timing of your life came up.

I figured I would piece together my thoughts and feelings about turning 35 and not being where I thought I would be. There are some things that I thought would have manifested in my life by now that haven’t yet.

So, I figured I would piece together my thoughts around all of that and loop it in with the frustration a lot of listeners have about not knowing their purpose and being behind in operating in their purpose, and put it all of that into this episode as encouragement for you to trust the timing of your life. 

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trust the timing of your life

Story time...

I want to talk a little bit about my journey as some motivation for you to trust the timing of your life. I’m 35 years old and I have yet to be married and I haven’t yet given birth to any children, which are both desires that I have. Sometimes, I feel like people aren’t sure if I want those things because I don’t talk about them all the time or because I don’t stress about them, but I do want them. I want to marry an amazing partner and have his beautiful, healthy, intelligent children.

Because these things have not yet manifested in my life, society says that I should be sad and depressed right now, but the truth is I’m very happy lol. I’m not pressed.

Society puts a lot of pressure on women to even desire these things in the first place, and then applies heavy pressure when they don’t happen by a certain age. That age is usually around 30.

But, there is no promise in the Bible that says everyone is supposed to get married..

Some people are called to be single. I think that some of the pressure society places on women to get married and have children by a certain age is rooted in the fact that according to science women have a biological time limit on when they are able to conceive. There will come a time when a woman stops producing eggs which means she won’t be able to conceive a child on her own that has her DNA unless she has frozen some eggs, which isn’t always financially feasible for people. In addition to that, there are increased health risks for women who get pregnant after age 35.

Despite all of this, I’m not worried at all about whether I get married, my ability to conceive, or the health of my children. The reason I have such a peace about where I am is because I trust God.

Why? Well, first because God and I have communicated with each other about this. I’ve spoken to Him about it and He has clearly and vividly spoken to me about it, and I Him. I believe what He has said to me about my husband and our children.

Another reason why I have such a peace about it is because I understand  that spiritual laws and the supernatural transcend natural laws like the law of science, specifically the one dealing with conception.

Transcend means to rise above or go beyond the limits of...

I learned a great example of this from Dr. Tony Evans. Take the law of gravity for instance. The law of gravity basically says that what goes up must come down. Gravity inherently pulls you down no matter how high you go. 

But the law of the spirit and the supernatural overrides the law of gravity. It’s like flying in an airplane where the law of aerodynamics apply. You can’t get rid of the law of gravity, but you can transcend it, which leads to you no longer being controlled by it. 

There is a woman I met who had an amazing pregnancy story. She shared this on the internet and I was so excited for her. Science says that in order to get pregnant a woman needs to release an egg, this process is called ovulation. And that egg needs to be fertilized with sperm. 

This woman I met got pregnant without having ovulated for months. Meaning, she didn’t produce an egg. Science dictates that she shouldn’t be able to get pregnant naturally, right? But she did!

This is a great example of the supernatural transcending the natural.

I’m not the least bit frustrated in my position. Imagine me being frustrated with God about not being married yet and he’s trying to cook my husband and prepare him to be able to handle all that comes with being partnered with me. 

Imagine God giving you what you want when you want it before it’s time...

Better yet, imagine God giving you what you want when you want it before it’s time. So now, your husband is here but he isn’t prepared for you so he isn’t willing to love you according to how you receive love. Or imagine God revealing your purpose to you but you have no idea how to trust God to guide you in the moments when you have no idea what to do to walk in that purpose. You’re completely ill-equipped for your purpose. 

Trust The Timing of Your Life

Another thing that gives me peace about trusting the timing of my life is that I don’t know what God knows and I can’t see what God sees, so I should trust Him.

I’m not freaking out about where I am in my life right now, because I trust that God sees the big picture and will allow things to unfold as they should as long as I keep my focus on him and do my part.

I want to talk about why I trust God.

What is Trust, Really?

I realize that encouraging you to trust the timing of your life would be helpful if we were both operating under the same definition of trust. Trust is assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. It means to have confidence in someone or something. Trust is a key component in any relationship. You can’t have a relationship without it, at least not a healthy one.

Trust is not easy to develop which is why I can’t understand why some people extend trust so freely. I know we don’t really think about how trust is developed, but here are ways that trust is built.

  • Trust is built when someone is true to their word. One of my favorite books is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and one of the agreements the author says everyone should live by is to be impeccable with your word. It says we should speak with integrity. Say what you mean. Trust is built when people honor their commitments and when they don’t make promises they cannot keep. 
  • Consistent. Let’s talk about consistency. To be consistent means to be marked by regularity or steady continuity. Consistency means being free from variation or contradiction. It’s easy to trust someone who regularly does the same thing and doesn’t act opposite of how they normally show up.
  • Taking small steps. There are many other ways to build trust but the last way that I’ll mention in this episode is to take small steps. 
I know God to be true to His word.

I try Him. God’s word is holding this whole world together. I mean think about it. We are living on a floating rock. It doesn’t even make sense how this Earth is just floating around in space orbiting the sun. God spoke us into existence and we’re here. If his word fails at any point, then heaven and earth will fall away.

I trust God on a personal level because I read His word and apply it to my life to get results over and over again. God is true to His word, which leads me to consistency. God consistently comes through for me. 

There is a song I absolutely love by One House Worship and Chandler Moore from Maverick City called He Always Provides. One morning I was worshiping to that song and all I kept saying was the word “always.” I was just like always, always, always, always, always. I couldn’t stop saying it. God consistently provides for me, even before I know I need something, He goes before me and provides for it.

My trust in God started with taking small steps. I trusted him for something small like, “God, help me find my keys,” and after a long time of searching for my keys, I found them seconds later. Then, I started believing him for bigger and bigger things.

Faith and Hope

It’s my desire that this episode encourages you to have faith and hope that the God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished…” (Philippians 1:6 NLT). When I tell you to trust the timing of your life, know that I am coming from a sincere place of also having to trust God for the things I am believing for.

You‘be probably heard the scripture that says faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. I want to talk about hope for a few minutes. 

“Hope is a joyful expectation about the future, a trust that our tomorrows will be greater than our yesterdays. Real hope combines radical trust in God with the candid admission that we don’t know the details about our futures. What we do know, however, outweighs what we do not.”

Romans 8:24, “…hope that is seen is not hope, because who hopes for what he sees?”

The scripture immediately following that gives us instructions for what to do while we wait for the things we hope for to manifest. It says, “now if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with patience.”

How to Eagerly Wait on God

Let’s talk about what it looks like to eagerly wait for what you’re hoping for as you trust the timing of your life…

  • If you’re eagerly awaiting your purpose it’s making sure that you’re growing spiritually. Learn to hear God’s voice and how He communicates with you. Practice trusting Him. Ask Him to help you in the seemingly small things and watch him show up. Eagerly awaiting your purpose looks like reading His word consistently and applying it in every area of your life. It’s making sure that you have a heart to serve others with your gifts and that you love people.
  • If you’re eagerly awaiting marriage and kids like me, then I’m no professional but I can tell you what I’m doing. I’m learning as much as possible about what marriage is and how to be a great partner to my husband. I talk to couples and I also read books. 
We aren’t in control of when some things happen in our lives.

However, we can do everything in our power to make sure we’re prepared for the things we want when the opportunity presents itself. 

If we get what we want before we’re ready, it can very well destroy us. 

If you need more reason to trust that God will provide what you’re hoping for, then let me share this scripture with you where God is speaking. 

He says in Isaiah 48:23 that “those who put their hope in me will not be put to shame.” Isaiah 48:23

God sees you, he knows you and loves you. And he’s eager to show up for you. 

“For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him…” II Chronicles 16:9, NKJV

Trust the timing of your life.

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