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How to Visualize the Life You Want

What do you visualize for your future? Do you have a vision? Often, God will place dreams and desires in your heart, but you should have some dreams and goals as well.

What do you really want out of life?

What is Visualization?

Visualization is the formation of mental images. In other words it’s your imagination. 

Imagination is the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality.

According to Psychology Today, mental practices (like visualization) can increase motivation, confidence, and even motor performance. 

The Purpose of Imagination

  1. It allows us to visualize and see in advance what God has already made available and what He intends for us to experience. 
  2. It enables us to partner with God in creative experiences and acts. 
  3. Imagination protects us from fear and discouragement. If we can see in advance what God has planned for us, then we can politely stiff arm fear & discouragement whenever they try to show up. 
  4. It moves us outside of the constraints and limitations of the physical realm. This makes sense because we are spiritual beings. Joshua 6:2
  5. Imagination empowers us to do that which is both difficult and foolish from a natural perspective. 

Ways to Develop your Imagination

  1. Words – fill your mind with what God says to you and visualize it. For example: you are God’s masterpiece, you were made in His image, you were created for a purpose. Those are the kinds of things you should fill your mind with
  2. Images – you want to think about pictures, objects, and even visions that God may give you
  3. People – you do this by connecting with people who exemplify what you want to be like. You can connect with them directly or you can follow them and their teachings on social media. 
  4. Exposure – How you can you visualize something you have never seen? This is why exposure is important. Expose yourself on a personal level to things that are bigger than you are; if you want to buy a nice home, go to an open house for your dream home; it doesn’t matter if you can afford it now or not. Show up and look around.
  5. Meditation – which is to engage in reflection; it means to plan or project in the mind. Thus, meditation is another method you can use to visualize the things you want

Visualization Steps

  1. Know what you want. I’ve realized that this is an area where a lot of us can be more clear. When you know what you want, you can visualize it.
  2. Describe it in detail. The details are crucial here. You need as much detail as possible. 
  3. Start visualizing and create the emotions. I recently read a Forbes article highlighting the success of a young woman by the name of Tiffany Pickett. Tiffany’s company went from earning $2000/month for 2.5 years to earning $200,000/month. Tiffany visualizes everything she wants to manifest for 10 minutes after her daily meditation. Many mornings, she was brought to tears as the moments she visualized began to feel more and more real to her. This is what I mean by visualizing and creating the emotions you want.
  4. Do the work and never give up. If God has promised you something and you are visualizing what you want that to look like and believing it’s going to happen, then you have a responsibility to also take action towards it. Faith without works is dead.

“The day we stop dreaming is the day we start dying. When imagination is sacrificed on the altar of logic, God is robbed of the glory that rightfully belongs to Him.” That’s a quote from Mark Batterson’s book The Circle Maker. Start to visualize the life you want today.

I challenge you to start visualizing the life you want today. If you want more support in your purpose then check out the value of purpose episode of the show and the truth about what to expect when walking in purpose.

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