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Exposing Deception Pt. 5: What Reiki and Yoga Actually Do to the Body

What Reiki and yoga and actually does to the body is very different than the physical effects. Reiki and yoga have spiritual consequences.

The guest in this episode, Naja Alston, was a certified Reiki practitioner and has first hand experience with the spiritual elements operating behind the practice.

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Naja grew up in a seemingly ordinary family. As a young girl, she displayed a fascination with the mystical and the supernatural, which eventually led her to explore the world of witchcraft. Drawn by the allure of secret rituals, divination, and the promise of hidden knowledge, she delved into the practices of the occult and various forms of modern witchcraft. Despite the darkness that often shrouded her path, Naja was a person of great curiosity and depth, seeking answers to life’s mysteries through her unconventional spiritual pursuits.

As Naja delved into the teachings of Jesus, she felt a profound shift within herself. She quickly began to distance herself from witchcraft and embraced a real relationship with Jesus, a life rooted in faith, hope, and the promise of eternal redemption.

Today, Naja is an inspiring example of the power of God’s transformative grace. She recently authored the book From Witchcraft to Righteousness: A Journey of Redemption which is a captivating narrative that reminds us all of the boundless possibilities of change and the indomitable strength of the human spirit when guided by faith and the pursuit of a higher purpose.

What Reiki and Yoga Expose Practitioners To

In this episode we covered…
  • How Naja got into practicing Reiki
  • The origins of Reiki
  • How Reiki is performed on a person
  • What Reiki actually does to the body
  • The nature of Naja’s relationship with God when she began practicing Reiki
  • What led to her being susceptible to being deceived about Reiki
  • The similarities between Reiki and yoga
  • The spiritual consequences of yoga

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