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Let’s Leave This in 2020, Shall We?

I am giving you my quick and dirty list of things to leave in 2020. You don’t need them, so no need to carry them into a new year.

False Humility

False humility is pride masquerading as humility. It shows up the most when we intentionally devalue ourselves or our contributions in an attempt to appear humble.

Some examples of displays of false humility are:

  1. Downplaying your accomplishments
  2. Deflecting
  3. Hiding your strengths
  4. Diminishing your abilities


False humility will keep you from your purpose because it will have you playing it small and not stepping out on faith. 


Perfectionism is the refusal to accept any standard short of perfection.

Perfectionism can severely impact:

  1. Mental Health. You are more likely to struggle with fear, worry, depression, and more likely to commit suicide.
  2. Physical health. It can lead to hair loss, fatigue, exhaustion, heart disease, strokes, headaches, and insomnia. 
  3. Relationships. Prevents the formation of healthy relationships.
  4. Environments. It establishes cultures that are full of pressure, stress, and anxiety which results in no fun or appreciation experienced by the participants.


Perfectionism is crippling you. How are you going to fulfill your purpose when you think that everything requires perfection of you, which God doesn’t require from us?


The thief of joy aka comparison seems to come up mostly on social media. 

You see someone who appears to be doing something you want to do or they have something you want, and you end up comparing your life to theirs. 

You start analyzing your self-worth and considering whether you are a failure or not, because you should be further than you are, based on where they are.

If comparison is something you think may be affecting you then:

  1. Consciously limit your time on social media. 
  2. You should also change the type of accounts you follow. 
  3. Redirect your focus to things that really matter like what’s next for you. 


The thing is, you don’t have to apologize for needing help with something. We are designed to need each other. 

God made us so that we would be interdependent. That’s how purpose works.  That’s how life is supposed to be.

The messages we send when we over-apologize are

  • I’m not sincere.
  • I’m afraid of you.
  • I don’t trust you to give me what I want if I’m not super nice.
  • I don’t think I’m good enough to talk to you, ask for anything, or even be here.

That concludes this week’s episode and the last episode of 2020.

In the next episode we’re talking about what to pick up in 2021. You didn’t just think I was going to leave you without recommending some things to try next year, did you?

I hope not lol. 

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